How to make runescape gold the quickest and have the most fun?

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 410
-Since the combat update is coming sometime soon I think it would be a good idea to level your fighting stats (that is if you aren't high to begin with.)
-As a member for leveling combat I would suggest playing the mini-game Soul Wars, it can be really fun and great exp if you're in a clan.
Weapons and Armor
-You could also train your Dungeoneering skill, at 80 you can purchase chaotic weapons (these are arguably the best weapons on Runescape.)?
-You have a chance of receiving some hybrid armor while playing combat mini-games. While in mini-games such as soul wars the armor provides amazing stats, but outside the armor has no bonuses.
-At 85 dungeoneering you have access to frost dragons which can be an great way to make money if you're just coming back.
-And of course, there are various other skills (fishing, woodcutting...) that can make money, but compared to other methods I do not suggest using skills for money (bots have almost ruined skills.)
These are just a few things that I had to figure out after not playing for a really long time, I have recently purchased membership on my character and I was surprised at the changes that have occurred while I was gone. Since you were members before I thought I'd point out some of the things that you may not be familiar with. Good luck!


Being a Runescape member for years, quitting for a while, and having to figure out what's different.You can buy runescape gold from