How to Get Prestige Exp in Dungeoneering

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 930
Many people think that getting prestige exp is hard and you ge it randomly.But it is not.Prstige exp is really easy to get you just need to know how to get it.So , lets get started.You can prestige exp when you do any floor first time.If you do that floor you will not get prestige exp.For example: you do floor 1 and get prestige exp total exp is 60.You need 22 more exp to get next level.You will do floor 1 again but you will not get prestige exp.Now to get prestige exp you need to reset your progress.Only way to get prestige EXP in any floor agian you have to reset your progress.Let me give you a example: you are at floor 14 and you already got prestige exp at this floor.But now you cannot get prestige exp again.You have to reset you current progress and you will start with floor one and all floors will unlock turn by turn and you will get prestige exp in every floor only one time.Like this you will get alot total exp.Best of luck for training dungeoneering!