How can we make full use of the map

Date: Nov/06/13 14:49:30 Views: 568

It is truly that everyone has ever glanced over the world map, no matter whether you found anything on, it is surely mysterious .As same as this ,in the game, runescape map proves this.Thus ,how can we deal with the map?


In the very beginning, you’d better know something about the runescape map.


There are the names of cities, towns, islands, kingdoms, mountains, caves, dungeons, rivers, lakes, and countless other geographic features as well as information icons for specific locations, buildings and quest starting points on the map. The World map interface is a large, scrolling map of the entire surface of Gielinor. Blue checkered parts on the map are part of the Unknown, inaccessible areas within Gielinor.




As the methods of usage,you can comprehend it from the following narrations.


Dynamic is the outstanding feature of this version of the map. Players can search it using keywords, quickly move from one location to another one, view the "Key" list where all of the icons are explained and can be clicked to reveal all of the locations of the certain icon. Doing this will change the game screen into the World map view. The dynamic map may also be zoomed, depending on the player's preference.


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