Have you ever heard of the evil tree in the Runescape

Date: Nov/19/13 10:56:20 Views: 562

It is no doubt that know as much lore of runescape as possible is no harm to achieve goals in the game. Thus to help you more, one of the event which is called the evil tree comes to our center of the topic.


In the very beginning, you’ better know that there are six stages of a runescape evil tree, while stages one to five are different growths of the sapling, and stage six is a fully grown evil tree. The strange sapling may be nurtured by players to make it grow quickly, but it will grow on its own. The type of a sapling could formerly only be determined by checking the farming experience when nurturing or the level requirement needed if the player's farming level was too low, see chart.




However, this counts as one of the twice-daily interactions. Currently a much safer alternative is available, which is to right-click the sapling and press inspect. Players may wish to refrain from nurturing trees until they know if they are interested in killing the resulting tree. After the sapling is fully grown, it becomes an evil tree.


You can find it easier to search for evil trees to join a friend chat dedicated to tracking evil trees which players may find in the RuneScape forums. In these, players can share their reports with other players that are also looking for evil trees and then calculations, based on the times given by spirit trees, are used to determine when evil trees may sprout. These calculations do not directly interact with the game engine.