Guaranteed Content Poll: Dragon Scimitar Redesign

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 523

If you were lucky enough to be at RuneFest 2010, or you've been able to read up on some of the events that transpired there, then chances are you'll be familiar with some of the revelations featured in our exclusive Insider Sessions.

One such tasty nugget from the Big Questions session was that our Graphics team are planning a much-requested rework of the beloved dragon scimitar. In order to make it as impressive as all the other dragon weaponry, Mod Joe and his team have come up with a selection of alternative designs for you to marvel at.

You can do more than just marvel, though, as in the best tradition of our official player polls, we're putting the top redesign contenders to a public vote. The design that proves most popular with our players will find its way into the game very soon. Good times!