Graphics Options Changes

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 395

We have made a change to Graphics Options to fully separate the mode in which the game displays (e.g. OpenGL, DirectX) from the specific graphical effects you can set (e.g. particles, anti-aliasing, textures). Software mode is also now available for Mac and Linux users. This allows you more control in how RuneScape both looks and runs on your computer.

For instance, you could choose to run RuneScape in the OpenGL or DirectX display modes, but turn off textures and ground blending, should you so wish. You may also notice that the Graphics Options interface has been given a new look, and that the order in which the graphical effects are laid out has changed slightly.

You should find you get the best results from running the auto-setup and using the recommended display mode most appropriate for your computer, then tweaking the graphical effects to your personal preferences. More players should find that they’re able to run the game in Open GL or DirectX display modes, and that RuneScape runs better for them.

This change does mean that Safe Mode is no longer a selectable display option, and is now, instead, a fallback display mode should your chosen display mode fail to work for any reason.