Golden Joystick Awards and Golden Hammer

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 422

Thanks to all of your support and votes, Jagex was once again named as the Golden Joystick UK Developer of the Year. In commemoration of this, and as a thank you to the entire RuneScape community, we’ve created a new in-game item that’s available to all players: the golden hammer.

The golden hammer is a wieldable Smithing hammer, and can be used anywhere a normal hammer can be used – on anvils, on a POH workbench, during quests, etc. This will free up one more inventory space for Smithing enthusiasts, making room for an extra metal bar per anvil trip. When wielded, you can also right-click on the hammer to perform two new emotes (one for each year we’ve won the Golden Joystick award).

To claim your golden hammer, you’ll need to first get a golden cracker and use it with another player. If there’s room in your bank, you should find your golden cracker there. Otherwise, you can head to Draynor Village and get one from Diango.