Gods Exposed Competitions: Last Chance to Enter!

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 384

In late November we launched two competitions related to Tehnoobshow’s very successful YouTube video series, Gods Exposed. Episode 10 is almost ready to be released, so we asked you to get involved. There are two options: lend your voice to the monkey who will be appearing in the next episode or design a movie-style poster to promote the video. Interested? Fabulous, read on to find out how to take part.

Yes, he maybe a machinima guru, but Tehnoobshow has cast a monkey born without a voice and so we need you to provide the monkey’s vocal talents for what promises to be an awesome tenth episode of Gods Exposed. Have a banana to put yourself in the furry shoes of our monkey, then record yourself reading a few lines in the most monkey-like way imaginable. Once you’re done, send your recording to us and we'll be waiting to listen to your masterpiece.

If you're more of an artist than an actor, we would love to see your design for a poster to promote Gods Exposed Episode 10. The poster needs to include a few specific elements like the name of the video and its creator, but the rest is down to you and your creativity.

Both competitions close this weekend, so make sure you send in your entry as soon as you can to be in with a chance of winning some great prizes, including one year of RuneScape membership and a Jagex Christmas stocking!

Best of luck