Game Bar - Task Rewards and 'Jagex Time' Clock

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 360

Following your feedback, we are pleased to announce that our latest update for the RuneScape Game Bar is now live. The reminder gadget now informs you when certain rewards earned from completing Tasks are available for use again, such as the Ardougne cloak teleports, Naff’s battlestaff stock levels and Dell Monti’s free fruit. For full details on the new features, check out the Game Bar Update forum thread. We've also added an 'official Jagex time' clock gadget, which will be useful when joining in with any Jagex/clan events, meeting up with friends, or just knowing what time it is at Jagex HQ!

Other features of the Game Bar include:

  • A friend list feature to see which of your friends are online and in what world.
  • Information about any Grand Exchange offers you have running.
  • Reminders about repeatable content, including when you can next play Tears of Guthix, redo the Phoenix Lair, fight Bork and the Skeletal Horror, and when you can earn more Thieves’ Guild Hanky Points.
  • Quick links to the RuneScape forums, game guide and Adventurer’s Log, among others.
  • An RSS feed of recent newsposts on the RuneScape website.
  • A ‘Play Now’ button to quickly load up RuneScape.
  • A search bar.