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2017 was an incredible year for FFXIV, and 2018 is already looking great. There's a lot to look forward to in the short term: a new patch is dropping at the end of the month, along with a new raid tier, a new primal, as well as a continuation of Stormblood's story, and shortly after that we’ll get Eureka and the next relic weapon grind. To be clear, I still think it was a great experience, and if I had more time, I’d do it again. 


Unsurprisingly, this new update named Rise of a New Sun will bring its range of content and allow players to enjoy new products in the magical world of Eorzea from January 30, 2018. Square Enix has not been idle, constantly bringing content that undeniably, is placed in the elite MMORPG for a long time. Now, let's talk about today and the content of the Rise of a New Sun, source from here


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