Enjoy honor to Get the Runescape Party Hat

Date: Feb/11/14 16:38:44 Views: 1078

Party hats, the rarest runescape items, which is definitely the most expensive in the runescape. For anyone who plays the runescape, party hats must be the best thing he wants to get. We all know that the party hats were released during the Christmas 2001 event and are obtained by pulling a Christmas cracker. There are six colors of the party hats, they are blue party hat, red party hat, white party hat, green party hat, pink and yellow party hat. Each party hat is worth a different price. Price value greatest to least of each color is: blue, white, red, green, yellow and purple. This is by ranked by the street value they are traded for.


Did you guys ever know how to earn a party hat on runescape? First, you need to make a lot of GP and you will need to build up millions just to afford a party hat and to have some GP leftover. Second, we know that the party hat derives from Christmas crackers. Christmas cracker comes from 2001 Christmas event, the 2nd holiday in the game. They are known to be the rarest items. Last but not least, you need to trade with another player. You can do so at the grand exchange or on the forums for one.

Make sure that you are paying the current street price and not something they want. What would you do after you get a party hat? Yea, you can walk around in the runescape and I can be sure that every play will be jealous of you once seeing the party hat in your head. You can enjoy the honor and the very special unique identity in the runescape. Otherwise, every runscape player wants to be your friend and maybe they all want to add you in game and whisper you, “you are so cool with the party hat!” “Your party hat looks so great!” “You must be rich, mate.” Guys, how is your feeling now? And do you want to buy a party hat and enjoy the special right in runescape? If you do, please come with me and come to our site to buy runescape gold and a party hat and you will know what the real feeling of owning the runescape party hat.

Party hat is an important item in runescape not only its great value, but the great role in game. Players will use these items as investments, cash placements, staked items, and collectables. They are used as cash holders for players because of the stability of the item. Majority of partyhats are traded in world 2 around the grand exchange, but collectables players wishing to buy or sell a party hat might either have to advertise on the runescape forums, leave it in the grand exchange, or trade at much lower/higher prices to accommodate the few players that willing to trade party hats.

So if you understand the meaningful of the party hat and want to earn the honor to get a party hat, you need to move on now. If you have enough rs gold and you can try to exchange one through GE.