Dungeoneering Update

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 529

This week we bring you extensive improvements and new rewards for our brand new skill, Dungeoneering!

Hidden Resource Dungeons
Experienced dungeoneers will now be able to locate secret dungeons scattered far and wide across the world of RuneScape. Not only will these dungeons give a one-off Dungeoneering XP reward for locating them, but they also contain extremely useful resources within. Each dungeon requires a specific Dungeoneering level to access, from level 10 up to level 85. Rewards include new rune rocks, greater numbers of 'busy' monster spawns, herb spawns and trees to name a few. For a full list of the reward dungeons, including five for the free game, check out this Knowledge Base page.

Construction Hotspots
Players will be able to use their Construction skill in a dungeon to build useful locations in the start room. Requiring a hammer and some of the logs and bars found within the dungeon, you’ll be able to make:

  • A group gatestone portal
  • A photo booth
  • A farming patch
  • A range
  • A prayer altar
  • A skillcape stand, to show off your mastery of Dungeoneering.

Group Gatestone
The group gatestone portal is the default location found in the Construction hotspot. A group gatestone is given to the party leader, and anyone using the group gatestone portal will be teleported to wherever the group gatestone is, or next to whoever is carrying it. We've also added a Group Gatestone Teleport spell to allow you to teleport directly to the group gatestone from anywhere in a dungeon, not just through a group gatestone portal in the start room. This is available in the free game. Also, the Gatestone Teleport spell now requires no runes to cast, and the Create Gatestone and Group Gatestone Teleport spells each only require one type of rune to cast.

Class Rings
Dungeoneers will now be able to upgrade their ring of kinship to help them adventure through Daemonheim. By simply right-clicking on the ring and spending a few Dungeoneering tokens within any dungeon, you’ll be able to improve your ring from Tier 1 through to Tier 10 in any of the ways noted below. For more information, visit this Knowledge Base page.

Melee rings:
Tank – Damage is reduced when wielding a shield
Tactician – Increases chance of hitting in accurate stance
Berserker – Increases Strength levels when calculating damage

Ranged rings:
Sniper – Increases chance of max-hit in long-range stance
Keen-eye – Chance of reducing target’s Defence when in accurate stance
Desperado – Increases Ranged levels when in rapid stance

Magic rings:
Blazer – Elemental spell damage is increased
Blaster – Chance to slow down your opponent’s attack speed and snare them
Blitzer – Increases the chance of casting elemental spells faster

Medic – Increases the amount you heal other players
Gatherer – Chance of extra resources and skill task damage reduction
Artisan – Chance of saving resources and increasing rune production

New Titles
You may have noticed the titles displayed on the dungeon completion interface (what we affectionately refer to as the WINterface) and likely have received some or all of the existing 32 titles that you can get. With this update we're adding 18 brand new ones, which were inspired by our own playing styles during this year’s testing of the new skill. Good luck finding them all! For more information on titles and how to obtain them, check out the Dungeoneering FAQ.

Dungeon Instances
If you log out or lose connection, your dungeon will now persist for up to 10 minutes, which should give you plenty of time to get back into the game and dungeon. When you log back in, you’ll find yourself exactly where you left, not in the waiting room as before. This means you’ll be able to take a short break if in a single-player dungeon or rejoin a dungeon if you’ve been caught by a nasty bout of lag. Dungeon instances will not persist over a system reboot.

Dungeon Sizes
Solo dungeoneers are now able to select medium-sized dungeons, and parties of three or greater can now select large-sized dungeons.

The Grouping System
Autogrouping rooms will now allow a player to select a specific floor from those available in the selected theme, and you will only be grouped with 3-5 players who have also selected that floor, so you will not incur an XP penalty due to level differences.

Prayer Improvements
Players can now use bones found within Daemonheim directly on a prayer altar. Doing so will give 4x the usual Prayer XP for burying those bones.

Have fun!