Brimstail is a gnome wizard that lives in a small cave

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Brimstail is a gnome wizard that lives in a small cave in the south-west part of Tree Gnome Stronghold, near the river. He can teleport a player to a Rune Essence mine if they have completed Rune Mysteries.

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Brimstail is one of the few gnomes that uses magic. He dabbles in the gnomish art of illusionment spells, and is actually in possession of the machine that Oaknock used to prove the death of Argento the spirit tree.

Brimstail plays a large role in The Eyes of Glouphrie quest. With the aid of an adventurer, he manages to rebuild the ancient disillusionment machine and proves the existence of Evil creatures within the stronghold itself. Had Brimstail not pursued his wish to reconstruct the machine, the stronghold may have fallen to the gnomes of Arposandra.Runescape Gold.

In his cave is an Aspidistra plant.Players can obtain another Crystal saw from Brimstail by speaking to him.He is also potential customer Gnome Restaurant activity if done on the easy option.