Blood Runs Deep

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 567

The mysterious Lunar Isle rarely gets many visitors, and especially not of the ‘washed up on the shore unconscious, battling hidden demons' kind. Eminent lunatic Baba Yaga requires your help in answering just one question: who is this stranger?

Finding the answer to this question will prove to be just the beginning of a journey that will see you delving back into the dream world, rescuing old friends and rallying the Fremennik of all isles, leading them to war against their deadliest and toughest foe – a new breed of horror from the deep.

Dust off your armour, weapons and runes – and we do mean ALL of them – and ready yourself for battle, Farstrider. This day, death (and glory) is upon all who call themselves Fremennik. And to the victor, the spoils, for any adventurer brave enough to succeed will be rewarded with hundreds of thousands of XP, new equipment and much respect.

"I'm glad to be continuing the Fremennik quest series and carrying on the prophecy storyline set up in Glorious Memories. This quest has proven to be a different challenge from that quest, though, with a much heavier focus on combat, as befits the Fremennik people."

"I'm also happy to be furthering the Princess Astrid/Prince Brand thread from Throne of Miscellania. To get the most out of the storyline, your character must be as they were during that quest, so some players may wish to visit the Makeover Mage before starting this quest. I hope you enjoy it."

Kuradal's Dungeon Improvements

After some of your feedback about last week's Slayer dungeon update:

  • Kuradal can now assign dagannoths.
  • Murky Matt can now combine ferocious ring charges.
  • Hellhounds should now respawn at their normal rate.
  • We've squeezed in a couple of extra creatures.
  • You won't get any Random Events while in Kuradal's Dungeon.