Big Ticket - Prize Draw

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 629

As you’ll no doubt know, on Wednesday 28th July we held our final Big Ticket prize draw! Being the last draw, we wanted to make it extra special, so we decided to give away two Big Tickets to lucky winners.

We’re now in the process of contacting our lucky winners and, as soon as they have been confirmed.

Since launching the Big Ticket, we’ve seen a fantastic response, and we’d like to thank everyone so far for taking part. While this was our last prize draw, it’s certainly not your last opportunity to win a ticket! Don’t forget to check out our recently launched video competition, The Golden Gnomes, for your chance to win one of six Big Tickets (along with lifetime RuneScape membership and other goodies). If clans are more your thing, don’t forget we’re also giving away a total of three Big Tickets to the winners of the Clan Cup!