Best places to train Strengths pure

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You should always remember to keep your Strength ten levels higher than your Attack level because it'll help later when you get bored of training and go PKing early. Please rely on other PKing guides to know tips, tricks and techniques.

You should train your stats in this order:







After you reach 40 Attack, NEVER train it again or you'll just be messing up your pure.

The Beginning

When you first create an account, you'll have to do a quest called ‘Unstable Foundation'. You get to pick whether you want Mine or Woodcut out of the dungeon. Personally I would pick Woodcutting because Mining is much more difficult and boring. Woodcutting will come in handy later on, as it can help you get money for weapons, food and potions.

1-20 Strength

Right now, all you can wield is an iron scimitar. Before you start training, I recommend you complete the Stronghold of Security and Stronghold of Player Safety for the rewards. You'll get 20K, Safety Gloves and Colorful/Fighting boots. You could make money for the basic equipments by Woodcutting or by tanning cowhides. If you need food, you should buy shrimps from the Grand Exchange. They're extremely cheap and heals 3 Hitpoints.

Strength pures usually wear:

Iron armor set (l) or (sk)
Green Dragonhide Chaps
Iron Gauntlets
Amulet of Strength
Any (scimitar)
Any (team-cape)
Colorful/Fighting boots
You have two choices, Men or Cows.

Men: Men are located at Edgeville (this is the best spot). It's recommended you train on these because they're faster training due to the fact that they spawn fast, are easy to kill, are near a bank and have a lower demand than Cows. Also, pick up the Earth Talismans they drop as they're worth around 1K each (these will pay up for the shrimps).

Cows: Cows can be located at the Lumbridge cow field and the cow field near Falador. Cows are better money than Men, but because of the fact that you have to bank often (assuming you collect the cowhides), it really slows down your training a lot. And there lies another fact that they're mostly crowded at times so getting kills would be quite difficult.

20-40 Strength

Now it's time to move from boring old Men/Cows to our new friend, Monks. Monks are found in the monastery west of Edgeville. They can heal you for free so don't worry about food here. But it does get crowded here at times so you might want to stick with Men when it does.

Also, when you get 30 Strength you should do the Vampire Slayer quest.

And when you reach 40 Strength, you can attempt to kill Elvarg for fun. Note that you do not receive the quest rewards after defeating Elvarg (you have to return to Oziach).

40-99 Strength

Now it's time to meet your new best friend, Flesh Crawlers. These are the best choice for Strength pures and Range/2Hers to train on, because their max hit is only 1 and they're easy to hit. Getting 99 on these will take a long time, but it's the best monster you'll find on free worlds suitable for pures. You might also want to get a Rune Scimitar before training on these, as you'll miss more with an Adamant Scimitar.

It's recommended you train in World 1 because fishermen in Barbarian Village give out free fish (sometimes raw and sometimes cooked) to you. So instead of buying food from the Grand Exchange, you could rely on food here.

Is Prayer Worth It?

You should only get Prayer up to 31 (for Ultimate Strength) when you reach 70 Strength. Why? Let's say you have these stats: 40 Attack, 70 Strength, 1 Defence, 59 Hitpoints, 31 Prayer, 40 Ranged (Strength pures usually have this level because of the green dragonhide chaps, which offers a good amount of Defence bonus) and 37 Magic. Your combat level will add up to 54.5. But if you get 80 Strength, then you'll get 67 Hitpoints along the way, which add up to level 56 Combat. And you hit the same with both of these levels, so your best bet would be to get Prayer at 31. But Prayer is also temporary, so you might run out of it in longer fights.

Before getting 31 Prayer, you should do the Restless Ghost. Why? Because it's necessary to obtain the Explorer's Ring.

Tips and Tricks

You may want to start PKing when you get a level of 40 Attack and 60 Strength.

Lowering your graphics settings can help reduce lag.

Always watch your Hitpoints.

Please don't safe (safing means to keep your Hitpoints above half).

26King is not in the spirit of game, but it can help you get some money for supplies.

The End

Well that's pretty much everything I can say. Also, this guide was made to show you how to make a Strength pure and not how to use it. How you use it entirely rests on you.