Best Guide to 99 Fletching in Runescape

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 830
This method will take about a month, give or take a week or two, if you play for about two hours a day.

You need: about 5-8 mill GP
a knife (duh).
an axe (the stronger the better)
at least level 20 in woodcutting (although the higher the better).

Here are the steps:

1.Go somewhere where there's a lot of regular trees, i suggest Lumbridge, Varrock east, or north of Falador. Cut a full inventory of logs and use the knife to make them into arrow shafts. Repeat until level 20.

2.Now, go to an area with a few oak trees, such as Lumbridge, Varrock west or east, or west of Port Sarim. Cut inventories of oak logs and Fletch them into oak short or long bows. After Fletching them, you can drop them or bank them to sell later. If you want to bank them, try using the trees near the Seer's village bank. Repeat this until you're able to make willow bows.

3.Okay, now you need to spend some money. Go to the grand exchange and buy about 5,000 willow logs and Fletch them into willow longbow (u) until you reach level 55. You can sell these to a general store and actually make some profit.

4.Now, you have a choice: either keep using willow logs and gain a little profit, or buy maple logs and lose about 300k. Be warned though, willows might take about a week longer. If you choose maples, then buy about 10,000 maple logs and Fletch them into longbows (u) until you have 70 Fletching.

5.Okay, now it gets more expensive, and unless you're willing to spend 10mil, i recommend this: Buy about 3k yew logs and 3k bow strings, make them into yew long bows (strung), then sell them to get back some money. Repeat this step until you reach level 85.

6.Now for the last step, the hardest and most expensive step. Making magic bows. Do what you did in the last step so that you have enough money.
Finally!You've reached level 99! Congratulation! Now go get your cape,unless you spent all your money!