Benefits of Being Runescape Member

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 719
These are a list of benefits you will receive if you become a member of runescape.

First off i will explain the main benefits and then break them down for the smaller benefits.

These are the main benefits of being a runescape member before i start i would like to tell you that even though it says on the runescape website that it is 5.95 to be a member it is actually around 7-8$ to be a member for a month.


- you get access to all of the content updates.

- you get to be able to play the game in full screen mode (its amazing)

- nine – ten more skill to train and also train parts of non member skills such as cut magic and maple trees for the woodcutting skill which non members cannot do.

- 28- 30 more members minigames to play and train your skills at.

- you are able to make a home of your own and even make it look the way you want.

- hundreds of quests to complete and gain experience for your skills

- able to roam in a world that is 3 times the size of non member runescape world. so non members only have acess to 1/4th of the world of runescape.

Now for the smaller benefits (i find some of them very usefull and fun)

One of the best benefit is that you get to change your display name so people see it as something else. for example if my user was iceman4656 then i would be able to change it so people can see something different for example icyboy566656 so basically you can change it to anyhting.

Another benefit is that you get to fight 100s of different creatures and also have a higher trade limit. I love to have a higher trade limit becasue i hate the trade limit now you cant trade the things you want instead you have to buy from the grand exchange. i think as a member you have a trade limit off up to 60k.

There are many differnt benefits such being able to do a special attack after doing a certain amount of damage. Also being able to tame animals and being able to grow vegetables and herbs. you are also able to summon creatures to help you in battle.

There are many more so if this article gets you to be a member you will find out the rest of the membership benefits i was talking about.