An amusing item that wins the public in the runescape

Date: Nov/23/13 13:42:16 Views: 605

Even though there are a great number of items exist in the Runescape, whether they are all worthwhile as we expect seems a little puzzle to lots of players.


When it comes to the Runescape Gold Chinchompa, a very cute impression is left on players. The Golden chinchompa is a pet that was originally released as a squeal of fortune promotion and won from the minigame. Once you win one, you cannot win another until you have finished raising the first. Besides, they have three levels of growth: baby golden chinchompa, young golden chinchompa and adult golden chinchompa.




Under the circumstance, after the chinchompa was re-released, upon asking if it felt all right, the chinchompa will say that it lost the explosive gland in a fishing accident.Before the re-release, the chinchompa would deny feeling ill when asked this. Upon first interacting with a baby golden chinchompa you will be prompted to name it. The pet can then be placed on the ground using the right-click option after which it will follow you around until you choose to pick it up again.

You have to remember that once you use the gold chronometers, curried lard nuggets, dried chillies, or pure caffeine on a golden chinchompa provokes the text that is titled nothing interesting happens. Players other than the owner could interact with the Golden Chinchompa, resulting in the pet and the interacting player having a conversation.


No matter what you are favored in the gold chinchompas, they cannot be traded and will be removed at the end of the promotional period, that is to say, they cannot be kept as pets.