Albion Online PVP & PVE: Structure And New Resources

Date: Jan/12/17 02:37:22 Views: 995

We want to make different activities in the game more meaningful and required by making specific resources available only via those activities. Now, when it comes to crafting items, in addition to normal resources, certain items will also require resources from one or more of the above categories. Now that a multitude of Albion players are intending to buy cheap albion online silver on UPAlbion. 



We have the following structure in mind

Essences: drop from bosses in hellgates 

Boss marks: drop from bosses in open world

Normal resources: can be gathered in the open world

Normal marks: drop from normal mobs in open world


As the above system is far more complex than the current one, we have decided that we will remove gems from the normal resources, leaving us with just wood, stone, ore, hide and fibre there.


Also, we will change how refining works and allow for multi-to-one refining. Using this, we will have a system in place that will also require some lower tier resources for creating higher tier items, to make sure that there is a better economic connection between the different zones in the game. By visiting official website to get cheap albion online gold: