Path Of Exile Overview Of Class Gameplay

Path of Exile is one of the best games out in market and the fact that its f2p makes it that much better. It simply has too much customization in regards to abilities and traits and the RPG aspect to it is phenomenal. The game can be appreciated alone but really shines with team play and it isn’t too easy either. If you want an experience like Torchlight, or Diablo, play Path of Exile today for instant gratification.



Community is the reason why we play MMO’s. Either to lone wolf and rise above the crowd, join a massive guild or become the world’s first to destroy end game, or havoc around with a group of friends. The next 3 games have a huge emphasis on all parts of communication from player to player all the way to guild vs guild. These games all have very large worlds and are more traditional but have a truly astounding amount of content to explore with friends and rivals alike.


There are 7 base character classes you can play from. You might notice, however, that initially, only 6 are available. 


These include the Marauder, a pure strength character, the Ranger, who specializes in Dexerity, the Witch, the intelligence character, then the duelist who specializes in strength and dexterity, the Templar who has both strength and intelligence, the Shadow which has dexterity and intelligence, and lastly, the Scion who has all three attributes and can be unlocked in later game play. Click here for more news and PoE orbs buy.


In general, Strength players hit harder in normal striking and can take more hits, dexterity characters attack faster and evade more strikes, and intelligence characters are more focused on magical protections and attacks, at the cost of being rather weak in melee. 


Spellcasters and healers focus into intelligence and special spells, while rangers work into bows, and Melee fighters work with either one hand or two hand attacks, and that’s the way it’s always been, with special skills going into each class. Each class allows you to be yourself and change your playstyle. 






























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